Staff Development

The current economy is stagnant of being technology-driven and fast-paced. Organizations surviving in such an economy require the additional skill set in their employees; to sustain a grip in the market. Many firms either are skimming their in-house team to prioritize freelancing resources and some are expanding their team with highly skilled people to achieve their goals. Oppiatec Consulting consultants serve you on a comprehensive staff augmentation services for a wide range of technology areas.

staff development

Direct Hire

There’s intense ongoing competition for professional and top talents. The reason why such competition exists is that most of the skilled candidates are already employed full-time or hold permanent positions at some other firm. But why should this stop you from finding the best perm candidate for your firm! We have an endless connection to search and find the right talent for the right profile.

Long story short, we hold unmatched expertise to source best direct hires for you and your organization.

Executive Search

We at Oppiatec Consulting follows a dynamic alternative of conventional search model, which is referred to as Executive search practice. Our consultants are constantly disrupting the legacy approach by adopting a customized and flexible search process. We inject agility and pace in our process without compromising on the quality delivered and methodology followed.

By rendering open and structured communication, we commit to offering trustful partnership and transparency to prove our leadership talent.


Training & Development

Every candidate, every job profile is associated with ambition or goal. That’s the reason, we do not just help the candidates to land onto their dream jobs, we become part of their journey to let them achieve their dream job. At Oppiatec consulting, we’ve designed a practical and structured training program which includes job mentoring and bespoke management training sessions along with technical training by leading industry experts. We offer Training and development services to empower and educate the candidates or employees of an organization to step up on the ladder to success.

Apart from pre-designed modules, our Training & development programs are customized after in-depth research and analysis of the companies or institutions for superior results.

Compliance & Logistics

In our geographical vast world, each country is rapidly developing its economy. In the corporate world, the compliance and logistics sector serves as the backbone to sustain this economy by complying to all the regulations and following the most efficient and cost-effective flow of goods. Digitization and boom in the e-commerce sector have further paved the way for the growth of the logistics sector. However, there exists an acute shortage of skilled service and management personnel in this field.

Apart from staffing solutions in this sector, we at Oppiatec consulting also advise on on-site solutions, compliance solutions, and outsourcing to address critical talent issues.

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